Donkey Training & Donkey Driving

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Welcome to our Website dedicated to donkey training and driving, it has been designed as an expansion of our business  Take The  Reins ( which provides horses/ponies/donkeys with everything related to Carriage Driving & Endurance Riding.

My passion for everything equine has been since childhood, although donkeys have only been part of our family in Hampshire since 1997.  In recent years I have become involved in the sport of Carriage Driving and regularly compete in the Summer Show Season in either my Traditional 1911 Norfolk Cart or mt Trade Vehicle a Restored Butchers Cart (now sold), now I have a 4 wheel exercise cart for single, pair & hopefully a Unicorn in 2021. The key to be able to complete this is by training of the donkey, a donkey that has a job to do whether it is going out for a walk/showing in hand/long reining or driving is a donkey that is ‘very happy’.

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