Long Reining

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Long Reining – Cotentin Donkey (France)

Long Reining - Pulling a weighted item

Long Reining – Pulling a weighted item

Long Reining -New Forest Pony

Long Reining -New Forest Pony

In order to introduce donkey or pony to driving, first you need to teach them how to long rein, this acivity is ideal to prepare them for driven dressage and cones driving, both require suppleness and the ability to bend round corners.

Initial training involves the teaching theĀ  basic aids of driving, the owner learning to walk behind, utilising voice commands and long reins .

Basic Equipment Required:

Driving Bridle & Bit

Driving Pad & Crupper

Driving Reins

Suitable equipment is stocked by our sister company : Take The Reins www.take-the-reins.co.uk



Starting off Long Reining

Basics of Long Reining