Basic Handling

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The training of your donkey should ideally start from a young age as it needs to get used to your voice in connection with commands.

A driving donkey ‘needs to grow up in a good sturdy manner with strong bone, good heart and stamina’ Ellis, V, Donkey Driving.

Commands line ‘Walk On, Trot On, Whoa‘ all need to be learnt by the donkey – this takes time and some donkeys even manage to learn ‘Left, Right’ as well.

Length of Lessons

Donkeys, far more than ponies/horses, become bored and stale very quickly, so try and limit the lessons for a couple of times a weeks ideally lasting no more than 20 minutes.

Key – Donkeys should carry their heads high. looking alert and keen to please.

Training cannot be covered overnight, alot of practice and a sense of humour are essential (donkeys can test their owners with their tricks!)

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